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Welcome on AKM rent a car headquarters website! We rent cars for more than thirteen years in Poland. Our offices in major Polish cities (Szczecin, Gdansk, Poznan, Lodz, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice and Cracow) offer all car categories: personal, vans, light cargo, 4×4, manual and automatic – all with A/C, ABS, power steering, airbags, radio CD, winter tires (November – March) etc. We rent cars for short, medium and long terms, for business and leisure customers from Poland and abroad. Cars can be delivered to customer’s home, hotel, company and to the airports, bus or train stations. Our services are available 24 hours and we speak english.

* – WINTER PROMOTION valid from 02 I 2013 to 01 III 2013 (or until further notice) for whole rantal period when starts during this time.
** – MEDIUM AND LONG TERM PROMOTION apply to all A, B, LCV, SUV, CD group models and Hyundai i30 of C group only. Minimum rental period is 3 months with 2500 km limit (monthly). Every monthly fee must be paid in advance and in full. No possibility to pay less for shorter periods in case of extend of rental. All cars have full equipment. Promotion is valid until further notice.

1€ ≈ 4.00 zl, 1$ ≈ 3.00 zl, 1£ ≈ 4,90 zl. If you are interested any car not presented in our price list, but would like to rent for minimum 12 months, fill the form below, please. Regardless of rental lenght, in every rates once preparation fee 45 zl must be added. Additional payment from 20 zl per day or from 200 zl per 30 days for van / station wagon / kombi / avant cars or diesel engine cars or with A/T automatic transmission; and from 30 zl per day – from 300 zl per 30 days car 4WD (only group SUV). Additional payment 5 – 20 zl per day for GPS navigation set, roof beam, roof chest, ski or bike carrier, towing hook, snow chaines, baby seat etc. Special equipment purchased for customer must be payed separately. Permission to go abroad of Poland: 100 zl per every period 1 – 30 days. Optional assistance insurance to go abroad of Poland: 150 zl per every period 1 – 30 days. Car relase or return in AKM office is for free during time 8:00 – 18:00 (8:00 AM – 6:00 PM); in the rest of day time, in Saturdays after 14:00 (2:00 PM), Sundays and fetes per 35 – 70 zl. Car delivery or collection from any place requested by customer is per 35 – 300 zl during time 8:00 – 18:00 (8:00 AM – 6:00 PM); in the rest of day time, in Saturdays after 14:00 (2:00 PM), Sundays and fetes per double fee. Price for kilometers over limit is 0,50 zl per each (evidenced while droping off) or for 40 zl per each 100 km package (ordered by customer while releasing only). Unused kilometres (from rate or package) are not refundable. Monthly prices include example km limits only. For longer rentals (over 12 months or longer) it is possible to buy new choosen cars, submit various kind of services, km limits, individual rate calculations etc.


  • Driving licence (valid for 1 year minimum), ID or passport. Copy – xero of these documents must be done by customer when we deliver the car to requested place.
  • Driver’s minimum age: 21 years old.
  • Required deposit is 500 zl (group A), 1.000 zl (group B, C) and 1.500 zl (rest of groups) by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners or American Express (not Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard Electronic) and 1.500 zl (group A, B) or 3.000 zl by cash (PLN, EUR, CHF, USD, CAD, AUD, GBP). Airport customers can pay deposit by cash 1.000 zl (group A, B, C) or 1.500 zl (rest of groups). Private person can pay deposit by bank transfer 1.500 zl (group A, B) or 3.000 zl (rest of groups). Firms can pay deposit by bank transfer 1.000 zl (group A, B) or 1.500 zl (rest of groups).
  • Payment for all short term rental period or per every 30 days in monthly rates by cash, credit, debit card or bank transfer (always beforehand).
  • Payment for deposit by cash, credit card or bank transfer (always beforehand).
  • Short term rental period is 1 day = 24 hours or more. Medium and long term rental period is 30 days or more. Car return 1 hour later than release time = next days fee.
  • Cars are delivered with full tank and clean, and and must be returned in the same conditions. Otherwise, we charge double expected fuel lack and 30 – 90 zl per cleaning (outside) and from 150 zl per cleaning (inside).
  • Driver maximum responsibility for damages is about 1.500 zl. We always charge less for small damages. For damages done by another doer we don’t charge (after police and insurance company responsibility confirmation).
  • Our Customers can go abroad of Poland with special AKM permission only.

If you want to pay for advance payment, whole rental, next month, rental extend or deposit, you can do it by card or bank transfer, without leaving your home or office. If you have Visa, Mastercard, JBS, Diners or American Express (not Visa Electron, Maestro or Mastercard Electronic), you can pay by fax or mail. Both, quarantee full security, because you will send all informations directly to our office, without necessity of showing card numbers at any web side. All you must do, is print, fill in , sign and send to us mailorder form (we send it via email), scan and send to us by e-mail (akm@akm.pl or same mail address you received our last rental offer).

Otherwise, you can pay everything by bank transfer. In transfer description include car group, receiving place and rental period, please. If you want to pay for deposit, necessarily include description about it, please. If you pay from not Polish bank, choose special exchange option that we will receive right amount in zlotys (PLN), exactly like in rental offer. After paying by bank transfer please inform us by e-mail, to let us confirm you receiving it as quick as possible.
From Polish bank:
account:      82 1140 2004 0000 3102 6581 8220
recipient:   AKM ul.Tadeusza Gajcego 2, 60-461 Poznań

From foreign bank:
account:           PL 82 1140 2004 0000 3102 6581 8220
recipient:         AKM ul.Tadeusza Gajcego 2, 60-461 Poznań
bank info:        mBank S.A. FORMERLY BRE BANK S.A. (RETAIL BANKING) LODZ, al. Piłsudskiego 3, 90-368 Łódź
sort code:       11402004In case of new reservations, do not pay for it without our telephone or e-mail prior confirmation. Anyone, who can’t or don’t want to pay by card or bank transfer, can pay by cash herself or with help of any cooperator or kith and kin. In this case, please contact us by telephone (from abroad +48 509 129 122, from Poland 509 129 122) or by e-mail (akm@akm.pl), to set a place and time of meeting.


Please, fill in the form presented below if you are inerested in any car rental option from our company. We offer special disounts for internet reservations. We will try to give you the best offer! Form option „I want to receive car rental offer only” is for unresolved people. They can answer on received offer, and book the car through several mails shipping. Form option „I want to book the car, at once” is for resolved people, who know our offer. They will receive our offer with information how to book the car finally (advance payment 15% specification). Otherwise, we will confirm the reservation at once, if it’s done quick before rental and we have available cars. The red marked fields are required for „I want to book the car, at once” option only. We will answer in maximum 12 – 48 hours. Please, remember: we can reserve car categories, not exactly models; car return 1 hour later than release time will add next days fee; in case of abroad trips enter all transit and target countries; in case of car release and return in our offices (for free usually) enter exemplary „AKM office” with city name; in case of car delivery and collection (usually requires surcharge) enter the exact address (street, airport, hotel, home, company) with city name necessarily. Do not use national characters in form, please.

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Car group:

Required seats number (with driver):

Required car body and equipment:

Start date (RRRR-MM-DD):

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End date (RRRR-MM-DD):

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Release (delivery) place:

Return (collection) place:

Abroad trip (countries):

Expected km range for whole rental:

Company name (if present):

First name and surname**:

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Phone numbers:**:

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* - Please inform us how do you learned about our company (telephone information, internet search, links, yellow pages, friends reference, another advertisement. We distribute free rental days, deliveries, collections, equipments etc. among our next customers who answer that question. Thank you!

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